AA 1300mAh 1.2V Sealed Rechargeable Mi-MH Cell

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It's a rechargeable battery, its Mi-MH cell, its current capacity is 1300mAh, and the voltage is 1.2V. Its colour is light green; Its sealed rechargeable battery is used in many electronics fields like robots, Clocks, Toys and other electronic gadgets.


  • Mobile phones
  • handheld video game consoles
  • digital cameras, and many other devices
  • remote controls
  • torches
  • wall clocks
  • flashlights
  • hearing aids
  • weight scales


  • Its small size battery
  • It's used in portable electronic devices
  • It's not too costly
  • Its colour is Light green
  • Polarity has been marked on it
Model 1300mAh 1.2V Sealed Rechargeable 
Type AA
Mi-MH Cell
No. of Terminals
Diameter 14mm
Current Capacity 1300mAh
Length 50mm
Voltage 1.2V

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