A7840 IC-Isolation Amplifier DIP-8 Package

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The Isolation Amplifier IC A7840 is intended for use in electronic motor drives to sense current. The A7840 detects the analogue voltage drop that results from motor currents flowing through an external resistor in a typical design.

On the other side of the optical isolation barrier made by the A7840, a differential output voltage is produced. An op-amp can be used to transform this differential output voltage, which is proportional to the motor current, into a single-ended signal.


  • Fully differential circuit topology
  • Advanced Sigma-Delta (∑-∆) A/D converter technology
  • 100 kHz bandwidth


  • Motor Phase and Rail
  • Current Sensing
  • Inverter Current Sensing
  • Switched Mode Power
  • Supply Signal Isolation
  • General Purpose Current
  • Sensing and Monitoring
  • General Purpose Analog
  • Signal Isolation
Model A7840
Type Isolation Amplifier
Package Style DIP
Supply Voltage Range 4.5V to  5.5V
Operating Supply Current 15.5mA
Isolation Voltage 3750 Vrms
Amplifier Type Isolation
Number of Channels 1 Channel
Output Type Analog to Digital Converter
Common Mode Rejection Ratio 76.1 dB
Bandwidth 100 kHz
Input Offset Voltage 300uV
Operating Temperature Range –40°C to +85°C
Quantity 50
Country of Origin China

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