80mm 0-300V Round Shape Analog Voltmeter

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Its analog voltmeter which is used to measure the voltage and indicate the range of the voltage. its analog voltmeter means by this we get the data related to voltage with the help of needle or indicator which is used to indicate the voltage. its totally different from the Digital voltmeter in digital volt meter there is 7 Segment display to represent the voltage but in analog there is indicating needle or pointer.Its measuring range is 0V to 300V.


  • Its Panel Mount device
  • Its Anlog Device
  • It has indicator to show the data instead of 7 Segment Display.
Colour Black Round Shape
Type Analog Voltmeter
Voltage Range 0-300V
Display Analog
Frequency Range 50/60Hz
Measuring Range 0-300V
Dimensions 80mmx48mm

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