8 Pin SMD to DIP Adapter

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This DIP8 IC adapter plate PCB Board is a high-quality double-sided adapter board. You can make the prototyping easier by soldering the SMD chips to the board and plugging them into the breadboard. This SMT (Surface-Mount Technology) through-hole adapter board can be used in project prototypes before mass programming or assembly.

Features :

  • This is a Double-Side PCB Circuit Board, each PCB board has 8 pins, and it is compatible with 4 pins, 6 pins, and 8 pins chips.
  • The front side for pin pitch size is 1.27mm, it can be used for most of the SO, OP, SOIC to 2.54mm DIP.
  • The back side for pin pitch size is 0.65mm, it can be used for most of the SSOP, TSSOP, MSOP to 2.54mm DIP.
Dimensions 11x11x1.3mm
Type SMD to DIP Adapter PCB
Color Green

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