8 Channel RF Wireless ON/OFF Smart Switch with RF Remote Control

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An Eight-channel relay board with a wireless RF interface that can be controlled by a wireless remote. The relays can regulate 250 V/ 10A appliances, motors, and other electrical circuits, etc. When the remote is in line of sight, the board has a range of 100 meters and roughly 25 meters indoors.
This board's RF connection operates at a frequency of 433MHz. Both the transmitter and the receiver have an inbuilt antenna and are designed to be small and easy to use.


  • Operating voltage: 12V
  • Operating current: 30mA (per relay)
  • Working temperature: -40 ° C- + 80 ° C
  • Receive sensitivity: more than -105dBm
  • Working frequency: 433MHz
  • optional Relay: 10A AC250V 10A AC125V 10A DC30V 10A DC28V.
  • Maximum load: Relay 10A, resistive load <8A, inductive load< 3A
  • PCB size: 70mm x 86mm x 17mm
  • Box size: 78 x 100 x 28.5mm


  1. Momentary: Press and hold = on, release = off
  2. Toggle / Self-lock: Press 1 button = on, press the same button again = off
  3. Latched / inter-lock: Press 1 button = on, press another button = off

Clear code and learn code

  1. Learn Press the learning button 1 time, the learning LED lights up, then press the transmitter key to learn. The learning led blinks and turns off. It means learning correctly.
  2. Clear Press the learning button for 5 seconds, the learning LED flashes and turns off, which means the code has been cleared.


  • Channel: 8 CH Remote Control
  • Distance: 0-200M (Ideal distance without any blocking or signal interference, it would go up and down around 10% -90% with block and signal interference).
  • Encode: PT2262 Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Size: 105mm x 49mm x 19mm
  • Power supply: 1 X 12V / 23A battery (without battery)

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