8 Channel Line Tracking Sensor Module (HY-S301)

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This sensor module contains 8 IR LED/phototransistor pairs. Each sensor has a separate digital I/O measurable output . This reflection sensor array is designed to be used as a line sensor, but it may also be used as a proximity or reflection sensor. The module serves as a carrier for eight IR emitter and receiver (photo-transistor) pairs that are uniformly placed at 0.35" inch intervals ". This module finds application in DIY models of ROBOTS, Smart Cars, and other devices. It works by detecting infrared light that is emitted, reflected, and detected by the synchronous circuit. The intensity of the light is then utilized to determine if an item exists. It can easily distinguish between black and white lines. In other words, when a phototransistor passes through black and white lines, its different conduction levels might produce different output voltages. The value of all 8 outputs is used to determine the position of the tracking line.

Pin out:

  • GND: Ground
  • VCC: Input voltage
  • IR: Infrared Enable
  • D1-D8: Sensor Output
Operating Voltage 3.3V ~ 5V DC
Operating Current 100mA
Output Signal Type  Digital
Optimal Sensing Distance 3.0mm
Maximum Sensing distance 9.5mm
Size 67x17x3.2mm
Country of Origin China

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