6R045 Power transistor

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6R045  is a type of power transistor which is used to switch the power supply its use to control the power supply in circuit that is why its known as power transistor .Power transistors are suited for applications where high power is being used, current, and voltage. It is a junction transistor, is designed to handle high current and power, and is also used in audio and switching circuits. Insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). Its power dissipation is 431W.


  • Its used for power switching

  • Worldwide best

  • Ultra low gate charge

  • Extreme dv/dT rated

  • High peak current capability
Model 6R045
Type Power Transistor
Package TO-220-3-1
VDS 650V
Power dissipation 431W
Mounting Torque 60Ncm
Gate source Voltage 20V
Gate resistance  1.3 Ohm
Country of Origin China

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