6A 250V SPST ON-OFF Rocker Switch 3 Pin with Red Light

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SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) Rocker switch is the most basic power control switch. SPST rocker switch requires no nut bolts or screws for its installation. This switch also features a Red LED light in it. There are two positions of this switch i.e, ON and OFF which are also marked on it as I and O respectively which helps users to detect its position. This switch is rated for 6A 250V AC and 10A 125V AC. This switch has a long switching life of around 50000 to 100000 operation cycles.

Voltage and Current Rating Max 6A at 250VAC and 10A at 125VAC
Switching Mode ON-OFF
Structure SPST
Colour Red
Number of Pins 3
Dimension (LxWxH) 21x15x16 (mm)
Panel Cut-Out(LxW) 19x12.6 (mm)
Model Number KCD3-103

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