6A 250V AC DPDT ON-ON Rocker Switch (Red) with Backlight

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This 6A 250V AC DPDT ON-ON Rocker Switch with Backlight is ideal for controlling power to electronic circuits, robots, and other similar devices. We carefully chose the best On/Off Rocker Switch with a high load rating and the ideal size for all general-purpose On/Off applications. This rocker switch has two positions, one-ON and one-OFF.

The On/ON Rocker Switch is the simplest and easiest power control switch for your project. It comes with tabs on the top and bottom which secure it onto an enclosure without the need for any screws. On and Off positions are clearly marked which help users identify the current switch position while in use.

This is small in size in comparison with 16A Switch with red light. 

Rating 6A @ 250V, 10A @ 125V
Switching Mode ON-ON
Structure DPDT
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Dimension Rectangular 21x24mm

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