6-12V Digital Clock LED Display for LED Mirror 4 Digit 7 Segment - XD904

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Clock Display is powered by suppling 6-12V input. It shows 24h time just after supplying voltage through input. The battery in the clock display is used to remember the time the last set after the power is off. The switch in the Clock display which is connected through a wire offboard is used to adjust the time of the module. By pressing continuously for 3 seconds the LED of hour starts blinking which indicates it is ready to be adjusted, by pressing the switch again the hours start changing. After selecting the hours press the switch again for 3 seconds so that the minute LED start blinking, adjust the minute by simply pressing the switch. This way time is adjusted in the Clock display. Rather than this, the module has a switch on its cover which does the same work as this switch.


  • Very little weight and small size form factor make it easily fits into any application area.
  • Easy to adjust the time.
  • A CR2032 battery is needed to power the  RTC.
Operating Voltage 6V-12V
Maximum Current 1A
Max Power Consumption 0.36W
Working Temperature -10°C-45°C
Model XD-904
Country of Origin China


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