5V 1 Amp Power Supply Board 220V AC to 5V DC

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The circuit produces an output of 5V and 1A, it is mainly used in cell phone chargers, microcontrollers, Bluetooth/WiFi modules etc. The circuit board converts an input voltage of 220V AC and converts it into a 5V DC output. The circuit has a transformer that steps down the voltage from 220V AC to 5V AC, The four diodes in the circuit act as a rectifier that converts the AC voltage to DC voltage. The circuit consists of numerous resistors and capacitors, which acts as filters. The resistors and capacitors smooth the current and the voltage flow giving an approximate, average voltage value that is required.

Input Voltage Rating 

220 VAC

Output Voltage Rating 5 VDC
Maximum Output Current 1A
Dimension (LxW) 42.5x28 (mm)
Country of Origin China

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