5S 15A 18650 Li-ion Battery BMS Charger Protection Board for 18.5V Battery

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5S 18.5V 15A Li-ion Battery Protection Board is used for Overcharge protection, over-discharge protection function, short circuit protection function and over current protection function.


  • Power consumption between single section: 3 A
  • Single section over charging sensing voltage: 4.18- / 4.22V
  • Over-charging recovery voltage: 4.05-4.15V
  • Overcharge detection delay: 0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0S
  • Single section discharge detection voltage: 2.75-2.85V
  • Over-discharge recovery voltage: 2.90-3.20V
  • Discharge detection delay: 0.5-2.0S
Charging Voltage 21 V
Charging MOS Pressure Value 35V
Discharge MOS Pressure Value 35V
Charging Current  56A
Continuous Discharge Current 15A
Over Current Protection 50 A
Over Current Protection Delay 25ms
Country of Origin China

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