5mm x 8mm Flexible Shaft Coupler for 3d Printer Mount

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5mm x 8mm Aluminium Flexible Coupling Coupler Helical Shaft. This machined aluminium flexible coupling has an outer diameter of 19mm and a length of 25mm.
The first bore diameter is 5mm, while the second is 8mm. Due to the Helical cut, In the linear axes of X, Y, and Z, they act like springs, but not in the rotational axis. As a result, there would be no additional backlash, making them ideal for precision CNC work.

High Durability and Corrosion Resistance
Long-lasting output from a single piece of construction
Constant velocity due to low moment of inertia

Material: Aluminium
Bore Diameter d1 5mm
Bore Diameter d2 8mm
Torsional Stiffness Zero  backlash

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