5mm Flat Rectangle Diffused Red LED

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It is a general-purpose 5mm Flat Rectangle Diffused Red Colour LED, Its Forward voltage is 2.5 to 2.8V and it is a Through Hole LED. These LEDs are used for general-purpose in electronic circuits, modules, devices, indicator lights, and many other devices. These LEDs have two terminals Anode(+) and Cathode(-). It is a low power consumption with a wide viewing angle Ideal for backlight and indicator.

Pin Configuration

Pin Name



Positive terminal of LED(the big leg of the LED )


Negative terminal of LED(the small leg of the LED)

Brand A.P.S
Product Flat Rectangle Red LED
LED Colour Red
Lens Colour Red
Forward Voltage 2.5-2.8V
LED Type Through Hole
Application  General lighting, Indication Purpose
Size 5mm
No. of Pins 02
Country of Origin China

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