546 Oval Warm White LED/Diff/LL

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It is a general-purpose 546 Oval White Diffused LED, Its Forward voltage is 2.8V to 3.4V and it is a Through Hole LED the Color-Temperature CCT is 2700-3300 K. These LEDs are used for general-purpose in electronic circuits, modules, devices, indicator lights, and many other devices. These LEDs have two terminals Anode(+) and Cathode(-). It is a low power consumption with a wide viewing angle Ideal for backlight and indicator. The most common application of these LEDs is as Power OFF, warning types indicator lights, pin status, etc.


Brand Ensee
Product 546 Oval Warm White/diff/LL
LED Color Warm White
Operating Voltage 2.8-3.4V
Color-Temperature CCT 2700-3300 K
Size/Shape Oval546 (5x4x6)
MCD 1000-1400mcd
Quantity 1000

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