4N35 Optocoupler IC dip-6 Package

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4N35 is general purpose and widely used optocoupler or we can say it optoisolator & photocoupler & it is available in 6 pin dip and SMD packages. The device contains two parts one is an IR LED and the other part is the phototransistor. The working of the device is simple when power is applied to the IR LED which activates the LED, the IR light is detected by the phototransistor and as a result the transistor become saturated or switched ON. There are two base of the internal phototransistor from which it can be controlled one is the photo detection or IR light detection and other is connected with the pin6 of the device, therefore it can be controlled by two procedures at the same time.


  • AC mains detection
  • Reed relay driving
  • Switch mode power supply feedback
  • Telephone ring detection
  • Logic ground isolation
  • Logic coupling with high frequency noise rejection
Part Number 4N35
Reverse Voltage 6V
Forward Current 50mA
Total Power Dissipation  70mW
Collector emitter breakdown voltage 70V
Surge Current 1A
Number of pins 6
Package DIP-6
Country of Origin China

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