4mm Nylon Washer

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It's a 4mm Nylon Washer, which is a also called a nylon shim or nylon spacer. Nylon Washers usually have an outer diameter (OD) about twice the width of their inner diameter (ID). You can use it as a spacer, spring, wear pad, preload indicating device, locking device, and to reduce vibration and insulation. The main role of flat washers is to increase the size of a screw's bearing surface area and reduce the surface pressure applied on the fastened object. Looseness can result when the bearing surface sinks under the surface pressure and thus, using a flat washer to reduce the surface pressure is very effective.


  • Used in PCB and Chassis Insulation 
  • Nylon Washer
Product Type Washer (Flat)
Material Nylon
Color White
Outer Diameter 8.00mm
Inner Diameter 2.80mm
Thickness 0.95mm

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