4cm x 6cm High Quality Double Sided General Purpose PCB Zero Board

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A 4cm x 6cm High-Quality Double-Sided General Purpose PCB Zero Board offers versatile functionality for electronic projects. Its double-sided design allows for increased circuit complexity and component density. The high-quality construction ensures reliable performance and durability. With dimensions of 4cm x 6cm, it provides a compact yet spacious platform for designing and prototyping various electronic circuits. The zero board layout offers flexibility in component placement and wiring, making it suitable for general-purpose applications such as DIY electronics, prototyping, and educational projects. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, this PCB zero board is an excellent choice for creating reliable and efficient electronic circuits.


  • Dimension: 4×6 CM
  • Base Material FR4
  • Copper Thickness 1-4 OZ
  • Board Thickness 1.6
  • Min. Hole Size 0.3mm
  • Min. Line Width 6mil
  • Min. Line Spacing 6mil
  • Surface Finishing HASL

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