47K Ohm 1% 1/10W SMD Resistor 0603 Package

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The 47K Ohm 1% 1/10W SMD Resistor in 0603 package is a surface-mount component designed for use in a wide range of electronic devices and circuits. With its compact size and accurate resistance value, it provides reliable and precise performance in a variety of applications. The resistor has a power rating of 1/10W and a tolerance of 1%, ensuring stable and consistent operation even in demanding conditions. Its 0603 package size allows for easy installation on printed circuit boards and other electronic assemblies. Overall, the 47K Ohm 1% 1/10W SMD Resistor is a cost-effective and reliable solution for many electronic projects.

Resistance 47K Ohm
Tolerance 1%
Power Rating 1/10W
Package Size 0603
Temperature Coefficient ±100ppm/°C
Operating Temperature -55°C to +155°C
Maximum Working Voltage 50V
Maximum Overload Voltage 100V

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