433MHZ 4 Buttons Clone Remote Control Wireless Transmitter

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One-to-one key copy, each key password is saved separately, and can be used repeatedly for one million times. Strong privacy, especially suitable for copying your own remote control at home. Function: Copy remote control/test remote control/copy remote control. Application range: The remote control is widely used, mainly for remote control electric retractable doors, elevators, remote control gate brakes, remote control shutter doors, garage doors, sliding doors, remote control LED lights, remote fireworks igniters, remote control passenger doors, burglar alarms, electric door alarms, motorcycle burglar alarm, etc.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Keychain
  • 1 x Battery 

How to clean the code:
Long Press the front two buttons in the same time for 3 seconds, when the Indicator light flash 3 times, then do not release the first button,just release the second button, then short press the second button 3 times, when the indicator light flash continuous, release these 2 buttons, press any piece button no light up, it means we clean the code successfully.
How to copy from other remote:
First press one button of your old remote do not loose and then press one button of this new remote, (please let there two remote close to each other), when the new remote's Indicator light flashing continuous, loose the buttons of the two remote, press the button of the new remote which you have copy from the old remote, the Indicator can light on, it means we copy successfully( all the button's copy steps are the same way).
How to restore the internal code:
If you accidentally clear the code to zero, you can long press the last two buttons together, when the remote's Indicator light flashing continuous, then loose the buttons, press any piece of button, the Indicator can light on, it means we restore the internal code successfully.

Transmission Frequency 433 MHz
Working voltage 12V DC (Battery Included)
Working current 10mA
Transmission distance 120-150M
Encoder type Fixed code, learning code, partial rolling code
Size 67x15x16mm
Country of Origin China

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