4 Pack Dinosaur Toys for Kids 8-12 STEM Kits

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4 Pack Dinosaur Toys for Kids 8-12 - STEM Kits, Toys for Ages 8-13, 3D Wooden Puzzle Robotic Model, Educational Science Building Projects Crafts, Ignite your child's imagination and passion for learning with this 4 Pack Dinosaur Toys STEM Kit! Designed for children aged 8-13, this kit features four distinct dinosaur models that combine the excitement of robotics with the educational benefits of STEM learning. Perfect for both boys and girls, these 3D wooden puzzles offer hours of creative and educational fun.


  • Wooden Parts: Pre-cut pieces for building four different dinosaur models.
  • Electric Motors and Gears: Components needed for robotic movement in some models.
  • Battery Holders and Batteries: Power sources for the robotic components.
  • Wiring and Connectors: Necessary electronic components for creating functional circuits.
  • Instruction Manuals: Step-by-step guides for assembling each dinosaur model.


  • Four Dinosaur Models: Includes parts to build four different robotic dinosaur models, providing variety and extended playtime.
  • STEM Learning: Encourages understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through hands-on building and experimentation.
  • 3D Wooden Puzzles: High-quality, pre-cut wooden pieces that are easy to assemble into detailed dinosaur models.
  • Robotic Movement: Some models feature moving parts, teaching basic robotics and mechanical principles.
  • Educational and Fun: Ideal for school projects, STEM clubs, homeschooling, or as a creative gift for birthdays and holidays.

Assembly Tips:

  • Follow Instructions: Carefully follow the provided manuals to ensure proper assembly of each model.
  • Supervision Recommended: Younger children may need adult help, especially with electrical components and more complex steps.
  • Encourage Experimentation: After building the basic models, encourage children to modify and experiment with their designs to enhance learning and creativity.

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