4 Channel Wireless Four Button RF Remote 433MHz

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This device is a wireless remote control (transmitter) that has an extremely powerful function and will bring you a lot of convenience in your daily life. It allows you to control your garage door, electronic gates, electrical appliances, and other telecommand devices remotely and wirelessly. Lightweight and compact size design, the remote is very easy and convenient for you to carry with you when you go out. The remote can bring you a new experience of controlling devices from distance, and you can not miss it. It will give you great convenience and you will never worry that you will not open your garage door.

  • When a key is pressed, the IC is connected to the power supply battery and it starts transmitting packets at 433 Mhz frequency consisting of its ID and Data byte which indicates which key was pressed. This information is used in remote control applications.
  • Each transmitter has a pre-programmed unique ID set during manufacturing and cannot change. The receiver board usually stores the transmitter ID in its memory before so the receiver only responds to known transmitter IDs for secure applications.
  • The RF part inside the remote is SAW based 433 Mhz transmitter, which can receive by any 433 Mhz type ASK RF Receiver followed by a decoder chip.
  • High-quality classic sliding cover shell, surface water transfer and oil injection treatment, beautiful appearance and good feel.
  • Brand new superheterodyne chip, stable frequency, no frequency deviation after continuous working.
  • Diversified chips, learning code, rolling code optional. (Except for learning codes, rolling codes need to be customized)
  • Using wireless radio frequency technology, long transmission distance, no directionality, high transmission sensitivity, no signal blocking.
  • Status indicator LED.
Working Voltage DC 12V
Working Current 10mA @ 12V DC
Working Frequency 433 MHz
Number of Keys 4
Function Momentary
Size 58x38x14.5mm
Wireless Operating Distance ≤6 meter
Country of Origin China

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