4 Channel Infrared Tracking Module

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The sensor array consists of 4 IR sensors which can either be used together or separately and can be placed in different locations as well.  Each IR sensor in the array can be calibrated separately as they have different potentiometers as well. This can be used in a number of applications where we need to detect different objects. Please note that there is a suitable color contrast between two different objects.  The sensor array has an operating voltage of 3.3V DC to 5V DC, it has a detection range of 1 mm to 60 cm. It is capable of displaying both digital (in the form of 0 and 1) as well as analog (0-1023) values.  The sensor array can be easily used with any existing development kit as well.

Detection Range 1mm - 60mm (Adjustable)
Output Interface 6 wire interface (4 Digital Output)
Working Voltage 3.3-5 VDC
Size of Control Panel (LxWxH) 42 x 38 x 12 mm
Country of Origin China

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