4.8mm Straw Hat Transparent LED Green Colour

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A Straw Hat LED features a special lens that allows it to scatter light similar to an incandescent light bulb. A basic LED emits light from a relatively small region, usually less than 45 degrees. The light from a Straw Hat LED is projected at a significantly broader viewing angle, generally around 120 degrees. Because of the broader viewing angle, the emitted light is distributed over a larger region, avoiding the need for external lens designs. Straw Hat LEDs come in a range of colours and have a similar brightness as normal 5mm LEDs.


Pin Configuration

Pin Name



Positive terminal of LED(the big leg of the LED )


Negative terminal of LED(the small leg of the LED)

Color Green
Forward Voltage 2.2VDC
Mounting Type Through Hole
Lens  Clear
No. of Pins 2
Diameter  3mm
Country of Origin China

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