4.7µF 35V Tantalum Capacitor

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Tantalum capacitors allow for extremely high capacitance levels in tiny packages. Tantalum electrolytic capacitors are made up of an anode, some electrolyte, and a cathode, exactly like conventional electrolytic capacitors. Only a very little leakage DC current can travel through the capacitor since the anode is isolated from the cathode.

These capacitors are used in sample and hold circuits where a low leakage current is required to accomplish a long hold time. Because of their compact size and long-term reliability, they are also extensively employed for power supply filtering on computer motherboards and cell phones.

Tantalum capacitors are also popular in surface mount applications since they are less expensive than their aluminium electrolytic counterparts and can tolerate the soldering process better.

Capacitor Value 4.7µF
Voltage 35V
Mounting Type Through Hole
Tolerance ±10%
Quantity 10 Pieces
Country of Origin China

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