3V 5mm Clear Light Green/Yellowish Green LED

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This is a 5mm Clear Parrot Green/Light Green Colour LED. These LEDs consume very low power and emit much more intense bright light, many times more than a 5mm LED, and generally produce a wide angle of light disbursement which can be narrowed through external lenses.  LEDs are substantially smaller than lead frame-type components; they can be used on smaller boards with higher packing density, less storage area, and smaller equipment. Like the other LED, This LED has two pins, an anode and a cathode, for powering the LED. The Long leg is for positive connection, and the short leg is for negative connection.

Pin Configuration

Pin Name



Positive terminal 


Negative terminal

Brand Everlight
Shape Round
Colour Light Green/yellowish green
Size 5mm
Mounting Through Hole
Quantity Pack of 500pcs
Country of Origin China

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