3S 100A 18650 Lithium-Ion BMS for 11.1V Battery with Balance Protection

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A battery management system (BMS) provides protection during the charging and discharging process, Increases the lifetime of the battery. This 3S 100A Lithium-Ion BMS is a high-quality BMS for Lithium-Ion Battery. The module interfaces with 3 Lithium-Ion cells of 3.7V associated in an arrangement so that they make up an 11.1V Battery Pack.  The BMS provides Over-discharge protection, over-current protection, and load short circuit protection. This BMS has a Balance Charge feature. The maximum continuous charge/discharge rate is 100A.

Model HX-3S-F100A
Over Charge Voltage Range 4.28±0.05V
Over Pressure Voltage Range 2.5±0.05V
Max. Working Current  100A
Quiescent Current <30µA
Internal Resistance 300mΩ
Balance Current 65mA
Charging Voltage 12.6V DC
Charge Current Limit 10A
Operating Temperature -40°C to 50°C
Automatic Recovery on the release of a fault condition Yes
Size 70x60x8.5mm

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