3mm Red / Green Bi-Colour 3 Pin LED (Common Cathode)

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A small red and green bi-color 3mm light-emitting diode with a common cathode that produces consistent light and consumes little power, contained in a milky white packaging. It is suitable for PCB or panel mounting. In a shared cathode design, diodes are linked. The common cathode is the center leg, and it is the place where a resistor should be installed for the protection of the LED.

Pin Configuration

Pin Name Description
Anode Positive terminal of Red LED(the big pin of the LED )
Cathode Common negative terminal of LED(biggest pin of the LED)
Anode Positive terminal of Green LED(smallest pin of the LED )

Red Forward Voltage 2.0V
Green Forward Voltage
Max DC Forward Current 20mA
Colours Red/Green
Diameter 3mm
Country of Origin China

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