3M™ Double Coated Tissue Tape 8mm / 50m

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The 3M™ Double Coated Tissue Tape is a high tack acrylic adhesive that provides a strong bind for bonding foam to plastics and other surfaces. This tape also includes a tissue carrier for structural stability and easier handling while keeping the flexibility of a free film adhesive. These items' adhesive technology sticks well to both high and low surface energy substrates. The outstanding initial tack guarantees that a strong bond is formed quickly after application. This tape can bond to smooth, rough, and textured surfaces and therefore is easy to peel and handle for application. This tape may be used in a range of applications, particularly those that need adhesion to high surface energy (HSE) materials. 3M Double-Sided tapes may be used on a variety of surfaces, including stainless steel, rubber, polycarbonate, felt, foam, and non-woven materials, making them perfect for sign makers and shopfitters, as well as point-of-sale and printers.

Type Tissue Tape
Length 50m
Width 8mm
Colour Transparent
Brand 3M

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