35mm Plastic Bevel Gear 16 Teeth (112C)

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This Straight Bevel Gear is of high quality. Use it to get the ROTATIONAL MOTION, SPEED, and TORQUE you want from your motor. It comes with a set screw that makes it simple to attach the gear to various diameter motors and axles. Ideal for use in science projects, robotics, and so on. This gear has 16 teeth and an outer diameter of 35 mm. It has a 6.0 mm diameter central hole/bore. Fits perfectly with all of our 6.0 mm axles and 6.0mm shaft motors. 

Material Plastic
Outer Diameter
Number of Teeth 16
Gear Size 35x21mm
Required Motor Shaft Diameter 6.0mm
Colour Yellow or (Can be changed)
Origin Made in India

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