330nF (0.33uF) 400V Polyester Film Capacitor

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The polyester capacitor is made out of two metal plates with the polyester film sandwiched between them or the insulator might be covered with a metalized film.
Polyester is the most widely utilised dielectric material in this capacitor, allowing the capacitor's construction to be simplified. These capacitors are quite inexpensive and have great self-healing properties.

The dielectric & construction of polyester, PET capacitors are used in different applications wherever sharp; spikes of quick rise time are there when they contain high dV/dt.


  • This capacitor is used where maximum levels of peak current need to handle
  • Used in different low-frequency pulsating & DC circuits
  • Used for filtering wherever high levels of tolerance are not necessary.
  • Used in the applications of coupling, decoupling & blocking of DC
  • Used in power supplies wherever the levels of the extremely high capacitance of electrolytic capacitors are not required.
Capacitor Value 330nF (0.33uF, 334)
Rated Voltage 400V
Tolerance ±5%
Mounting Type Through Hole
Type Polyester Film


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