3 Pin Right Angle Female DC Socket with 0.5 sq mm 2 meter Open Ended Cable

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A 3-pin right-angle female DC socket usually refers to a power connector that has three pins arranged in a right-angle orientation and is designed to connect to a corresponding male plug. The 0.5 sq mm 2-meter open-ended cable specification indicates the cable size and length. The 0.5 sq mm suggests the cross-sectional area of the cable conductors, which impacts the current-carrying capacity. The 2-meter length specifies how long the cable is without any connectors at its end. This type of connector is commonly used for various electronic devices, power supplies, or appliances that use DC power. The open-ended cable means the cable doesn't have a specific connector attached to it, leaving the wires exposed, allowing for customization or connection to different types of plugs or terminals as needed.


  • -,+ has marked on the DC female socket
  • Cable length is 2 meter approximately

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