3 Pin Screw Type PCB Terminal Block - 2.54mm Pitch

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3 Way PCB Terminal Block is useful for attaching the heavy wire to circuit boards, such as for motor and battery connections. Terminal blocks (also known as screw terminals) are electrical connectors that allow you to connect wires in the same circuit without cutting or splicing them. Screw with 3 pins and a pitch of 5.08mm The Terminal Block is a multifunctional and small terminal block. It's used to connect wires to the circuit board.

The terminal block's small size allows it to connect two conductors on a PCB where space is at a premium. The wires are held in place by screws on this terminal block. It can hold wires ranging in size from 12 to 22 Allowed wire size. This terminal block is perfect for tiny rack systems or telecoms equipment that requires a lot of contacts. These terminal blocks can be used with prototyping boards and PCB holes intended for standard 0.1 male and female headers because each terminal has a single corresponding pin separated every 0.1 (2.54 mm) (if there is sufficient clearance from nearby components). It has tin-plated brass for pin header and has nickel-plated brass contacts. The connector is made of PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) which is mechanically strong, heat resistant and has good insulation properties.



  1. Saves space due to the small design
  2. Screw connection with tension sleeve
  3. Maximum contact force ensures a low-temperature rise
  4. Connection in accordance with EN-VDE Standard.
  5. Pin header: Tin-plated brass.
  6. Contacts: Nickel-plated brass.
  7. Strong, compact, lightweight.
  8. Heat resistant.


Operating Current 3A
Max. Voltage 320V
Pin Pitch 2.54mm
Allowed Wire Size (AWG) 22 ~ 12
No. of contacts 3
L*B*H 15.8*10.7*9.2mm

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