Nextek 3 Pin Female DC Socket with 1.50 Sq mm 1.8 meter Open Ended Cable

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A 3-pin female DC socket with a 1.8-meter open-ended cable suggests a power connector with three pins, likely arranged to match a corresponding male plug. The 1.8-meter open-ended cable refers to a cable of 1.8 meters in length that doesn't have any specific connectors attached to its end, leaving the wires exposed. This configuration is commonly used in various electronic devices or appliances that require a DC power supply. The 3-pin female DC socket is where you would typically plug in the male connector to establish a power connection. The open-ended cable provides flexibility, allowing you to customize the connector or attach different terminations based on your specific needs or to interface with various devices or power sources.


  • Its brand is Nextek 
  • Its colour is black

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