3 Core 14/.132mm(619) Grey Shielded Cable (10 Meter)

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An electrical cable that has a common conductive covering wrapped around its conductors for electromagnetic shielding is known as a shielded cable or screened cable. The cable's outermost layer often covers this shield. Foil type (hereafter: metallized film), contra spiraling wire strands (braided or unbraided), or both are the most widely used types of cable shielding. To short out each turn of the dielectric spiral foils, a longitudinal wire might be required.


  • Its colour is Grey
  • Its used in security system applications
  •  Its used to protect from power frequency and radio frequency interference
  • It has 3 wires Internally The color is (Red, Green, Black).
  • It has 14 Stand Wire
Model G212R
Type 3 Core Shield 
Length 10 Metre
Colour Grey
Size 14/.132mm(619)
No of Conductor wire in it 3

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