3.3V Adapter Board for 24L01 Wireless Module

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  1. It can be used with NRF24L01 wireless module
  2. Add core nRF24L01+ Breakout Adapter with onboard 3.3V Regulator
  3. Onboard 3.3V voltage regulator accepts your Arduino +5V supply and provides 3.3V for the attached nRF24L01+ module
  4. Allows for easy connection to nRF24L01+ modules
  5. Small power on SMD LED indicator
Output Voltage

1.9~3.6 DC

Operating Current

12 mA

Dimension (LxWxH) mm

26 x 19 x 12



Shipping Weight 0.005 kg
Shipping Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 cm

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