2SK1020 N-Channel Power MOSFET

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2SK10120 is an N-Channel silicon power MOSFET, It is a Through-hole(THD) active component that consists of three terminals Gate, Drain, and Source. In N-Channel there is the majority of electrons. These electrons moving in the channel is accountable for the flow of current in the transistor.



  • Switching regulators
  • UPS
  • DC-DC converters
  • General purpose power amplifier


  • High-speed switching
  • Low on-resistance
  • No secondary breakdown
  • Low driving power
  • High voltage
  • V(GSS) = ±30V
Model 2SK1020
Brand Fuji Electric
Type  N-Channel MOSFET
Drain-source voltage (Vdss) 500V
Continuous drain current (Id) 30A
Pulsed drain current (Id pulse) 92A
Continuous reverse drain current (Idr) 30A
Gate-source peak voltage (Vgss) ±30V
Max. power dissipation (Pd) 300W
Operating junction temperature  150 (degree C)
Storage temperature range -55~150 (degree C)

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