2N5401 PNP Transistor

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2N5401  is a high voltage PNP transistor it works on low current and high voltage and the low current is 300mA and the high voltage is 150V its mostly used in switching circuit  its use in power supply switching applications its use to control the flow of current its an electronics switch, its applications are SMPS, Motor control, UPS ,PFC  in telephony Etc.



  • Its used in switching operation

  • Its low current  300mA

  • It has three terminal collector emitter base

  • Low leakage current

  • It has the capability to improved dv/dT

  • 100% avalanche energy rated
Model 2N5401 
Type Transistor
Package (TO-92;SOT 54)
Emitter base voltage -5V
Collector emitter voltage -150V
Collector base voltage -160V
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -65°C TO 150°C

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