2N3906 PNP General Purpose2N Transistor 40V 200mA TO-92 Package (Pack of 25)

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Its PNP transistor, The PNP transistor is a type of transistor in which one n-type material is doped with two p-type materials. It is a device that is controlled by the current. Both the emitter and collector currents were controlled by the small amount of base current. 


  • Its used in portable radios
  • Its mounting style is through hole
  • Its Continuous Collector Current -200mA
Part Number  2N3906 
 Transistor Polarity PNP
Collector Base Voltage -40VDC
Collector Emitter Voltage -40VDC
Emitter Base Voltage -5VDC
Continuous Collector Current -200mA
Maximum DC Current Gain  300
Power Dissipation 1.5W
Package Type To-92

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