2cm x 8cm High Quality Double Sided General Purpose PCB Zero Board

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The 2cm x 8cm High-Quality Double-Sided General Purpose PCB Zero Board is a versatile and reliable circuit board designed for various electronic projects. With dimensions of 2cm by 8cm, this board offers ample space for components while remaining compact and easy to work with. Its double-sided design allows for more complex circuitry and efficient use of space. The high-quality construction ensures durability and excellent electrical performance, making it suitable for general-purpose applications. Whether used in hobbyist projects or professional applications, this PCB Zero Board provides a solid foundation for creating and testing electronic circuits with precision and reliability.

  • Copper clad coating PCB
  • Dimension : 2cm x 8cm
  • Board thickness : 1.6 mm
  • Pitch size : 1 mm
  • Circuit printing : single side
  • High wear and tear properties
  • Excellent heat resistance

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