28 AWG Multi-Strand Teflon Wire 28/7/36 (Black) 100 Meter

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PTFE is a higher grade insulating polymer compared to other fluorocarbons that are used in the extrusion process. PTFE-insulated equipment/hookup wires are commonly used for internal wiring of various electronic and electrical equipment, as well as for other electrical uses. They are most suited for usage in high-frequency signal-processing equipment. Because of the uniformity of the insulation layer surrounding the conductor and the very low dielectric constant of PTFE, it is possible to transmit high-frequency signals with little signal losses as compared to other wires, resulting in high-quality signal transmission.

Material PTFE  (Teflon)
Gauge 28 AWG
Number of Strands 7
Single Strand Gauge 36 AWG
Current Rating 3.5~8 Amp
Length 100 Meter
Colour Black

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