24mm Koptan High-Temperature Resistant Tape (30 Meter)

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Koptan tape is a polyimide film first developed by DuPont in the 1960s. It remains stable at an extremely wide range of temperatures from -269˚C to 260˚C and has been an industry-standard due to its excellent electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties. This enables the film to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, and other demanding environments. This Koptan 24mm wide High-Temperature Resistant Tape for 3D Printers is a polyester film tape with a high-temperature resistant adhesive. Primarily used to hold transfer sheets in place while sublimating onto various items and holding the polymer plate on the heating platen in the hot foil stamping. Excellent heat & solvent resistance. Minimal shrinkage after baking and clean removal. Koptan tape is utilised in the manufacturing and final assembly of electronic components because of its wide range of temperature stability and electrical isolation ability. It serves as a protective layer that separates and safeguards sensitive components from electrostatic discharge and safeguards and restrains them during high-temperature applications and reflow soldering techniques. ABS and Koptan adhere extremely well to one another, making Koptan tape a perfect 3D printing bed surface layer. It is usually applied to a glass or aluminium bed surface, where extruded ABS filament adheres to the surface.


  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Heat resistant
  • Good adhesive properties on a difficult surface
  • Low adhesive transfer
  • Leaves cleaner surface after removal
Material Polyimide
Spindle Type Roll
Tape Length 30 Meter
Tape Width 24mm
Colour Metallic Brown
Temperature Range -269°C to 260°C
Country of Origin China

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