200-209 mil SOP8 Programmer Adapter Socket Converter Module

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This is SOP8 To DIP8 200mil IC Test and Burn-In Socket. It applies to all the chips of SOP8 that has a wide body. This chip prog socket is brand new and high quality. It is RoHS compliant.


  • SOP8 to DIP8 IC socket adapter 200ml to 209ml IC's
  • Applications: Programmer, test socket, for SOP8 IC chips.
  • Package: SOP8/SOIC8/SO8,lead pitch 1.27mm,Chip body width is 5.27mm
  • Features: SOP8 to DIP8,baseplate lead to double row DIP 8P,lead pitch 2.54mm(100mil),width 1.52cm(600mil)
  • Use for OnePro/MiniPro/DreamPro programmer.
  • SMD Flash burn
  • 8M bits(=1M bytes) or more 25 SPI FLASH series are Wide SOP8 package
  • 4M bits(=512k bytes) or less 25 SPI FLASH series are narrow SOP8 package
  • 24C02 and 24EEPROM chips are narrow SOP8 package
 Adapter Pitch 1.27mm

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