2 Pole 5 Positions Rotary switch

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Rotary switches rotate in a circle and can come to a halt in a variety of positions. A rotary switch is used to control several electrical circuits with a single switch and may be configured to have many contacts occur at the same time on a single switch position.

A rotary switch features a rotating spindle on which the rotors are attached, with each rotor having an arm protruding outward that can make contact with a terminal when the switch is in a certain position. A detent mechanism positions the rotary switch, causing it to "click" into place and stay there until enough effort is applied to move it, preventing the switch from moving freely and placing it in the incorrect position.

This rotary switch has a dual pole and five positions, which means it may be linked to ten distinct electrical circuits due to its dual poles. The pole-A switches over pins 1-6 and the pole-C switches over pins 7-12. While the Pole-A is set on 1st pin at that moment the pole-C will be set on 7th pin. On the first rotation of the shaft the pole-A rotates from 1st to 2nd pin and the pole-C rotates from 7th to 8th pin and so on.


  • Turn function to ensure secured switching activities
  • 5 switching position
Pole Dual
Positions(steps)  5
Action Type Momentary
Shaft Type D-type
Shaft Length x Breadth 7mm x 6mm
Rotary Switch Dimensions(LxB) 32.6mm x 27.6mm 
Country of Origin China

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