1mm Pitch 16 Pin 200mm Flat flexible cable

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The 1mm Pitch 16 Pin Ribbon Flexible Flat Cable is a very thin flat cable that is commonly seen in high-density density electronic applications such as laptops and cell phones. To simplify insertion or to give strain relief, each end cable is strengthened with a stiffener. The pitch of an FFC is the distance between the centres of one conductor and the centres of the adjoining conductors, which in this cable is 1mm.
The stiffener increases the thickness of the cable somewhat. This cable is used to connect a peripheral to the Raspberry Pi ribbon connectors, such as an external display, camera, or the AlienSpec Ribbon Connector Breakout Board.

  • Displays
  • PC and Computers
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Printer, Scanner, FAX machine, Copier
  • SoundBox Car DVD Player
  • Digital camera
  • Inkjet printer Pictorial Machines
Pins  16
Pitch 1mm
Width 17mm
Blue reinforcement plate 9mm
Rated Voltage 60V
Type A
Conductor size 0.035x0.3mm
Cable Length 200mm
Country of Origin China


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