18V 1.67A 30W Power Adapter

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It is a 18V 1.67A DC Power Supply AC Adapter. An AC adapter is an external power supply that converts alternating current (AC) from a wall outlet to a direct current (DC) needed by an electronic device. This is an AC-DC power adapter with a switched-mode power supply (SMPS) which converts 100-240V AC to 18V DC. It has a maximum current rating around 1.67A. The supply includes all forms of protections. It Commonly used in laptops, PC, Cameras, LED light, CCTV, Router.


  • Highly efficient, compact, durable and long life.
  • High-Reliability
  • Short Circuit, Over Voltage & Over Current Protection
  • Good quality SMPS Based Adapter
  • Stabilized output, low ripple & low interference
  • High Efficiency & low energy consumption
Type  AC - DC Adapter
Input Voltage 100V-240V AC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 18 V DC 
watt 30W
Output Current 1.67A
Size 63*50*34 mm
DC Output Cable Length 1 meter
DC OUTPUT Cord Type DC Jack
DC Jack Outer  6.2mm
DC Jack Inner  2.6mm
Brand Not Specified
DC Jack length  8mm
Country of Origin China

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