16S 59.2V 60A Anion BMS for Lithium Ion NMC Battery With Cell Balancing (Common Port)

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A BMS or protection board is any electronic control circuit that monitors, manages, and regulates the charging and discharging of any rechargeable battery (cell or combination of cells called a battery). The lithium-ion batteries can be used only in specified conditions called the safe operating area, and therefore BMS is necessary in order to monitor the battery state, ensure the safety of operation, long battery life. The battery characteristics to be monitored include its state of charge, safe operating area, voltage, current, temperature, individual cell voltage, battery capacity and many more.

The main task of battery management systems is to ensure the optimal use of the residual energy present in a battery. In order to avoid loading of batteries, BMS protects the battery from:

  • Deep discharge due to extremely high discharge current.
  • Over-voltage due to extremely fast charge.
  • Cell balancing in the case of multi-cell batteries by monitoring and regulating the charging and discharging of individual cells.
  • High Temperature
  • Short circuit of external load.

Protection: This BMS offers below mentioned protection of utmost importance.

  • Overcharge Protection
  • Temperature Sensor Protection
  • Over-discharge Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Cell Balancing Function

Applications: This protection board is widely used in all kinds of 18650 Li-ion battery packs and offers multi-scenario applications.

  • Electric tools
  • Electric Vehicle E-Bicycle / E-Scooter/Bike
  • Battery backup systems
  • Solar/Wind energy storage systems, Solar street lamps
  • Product Type : Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Brand : Anion BMS
  • Variant : 16S | 59.2 V
  • Overcharge Detect Voltage : 4.2±0.05 V/Cell
  • Over-discharge Detect Voltage : 2.8±0.05 V/Cell
  • Cell Balancing : Yes, (Passive)
  • Short Circuit Protection : Yes
  • Temperature Protection : 70°C
  • Charge Current : 0-20A
  • Discharge Current : 60A
  • Size : 10.7x6.1x1.2 cm
  • Country of Origin : India

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