15A Blade Fuse

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This Mini Fuse is the industry standard product for circuit protection in vehicles. The Mini Fuse is preferred for protection because of its compact design, which works on the demand for more circuits to be protected while using less space, and its ability to withstand high temperatures in harsh situations. A blade fuse is a type of electrical fuse that is commonly used to protect automotive and electronic circuits from overcurrent or short circuits. It is named "blade" due to its flat, rectangular shape resembling a blade. Blade fuses are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and other applications where reliable circuit protection is necessary.


  • Very little weight and small size form factor make it easily fits into any application area.
  • Protects vehicle and electrical devices from short circuits, overloads, and other hazards.
  • Its Green Colour Fuse
Type Blade Fuse
Operating Current 15A

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