15A 48V E-vehicle/rickshaw Lead Acid Battery Charger

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A 15A 48V lead-acid EV battery charger is designed to charge electric vehicle batteries that operate at 48 volts and are of the lead-acid type. The specifications indicate that it can deliver a charging current of 15 amps, which refers to the rate at which it can charge the battery. The higher the amperage, the faster the charging process (up to a certain limit determined by the battery's capabilities and the charger's design). Lead-acid batteries are commonly used in various vehicles due to their reliability and cost-effectiveness. However, when charging lead-acid batteries, it's crucial to follow manufacturer guidelines to prevent overcharging, which could damage the battery.


  • Its input voltage 160V-300V AC RMS
  • Its input frequency is (47 -63)HZ
  • Its wattage is 1KW
  • Its output voltage is 63.5V
Battery Type Lead Acid Battery Type
Type EV Charger

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