14S 48V 30A Lithium Ion Battery BMS Waterproof with Balance Charging

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This is a 14S 48V 30A Lithium Battery Protection Board (PCM BMS) for balance charging. It uses an A-level protective integrated circuit IC. Its high load capabilities and 30A continuous discharge current performance make it a reliable solution for battery packs. It features a power Mosfet with a high voltage resistance and a low inner resistance. The heat sink will significantly aid cooling.
IC itself has a power balancing function though the circuit is simple and reliable. It features typical voltage detection for each cell. So, that each battery will be prevented from overcharging or over-discharge conditions. This BMS has reliable Over current and short circuit protection function due to which long time short circuit of the load won't affect the PCB and the battery.
Continuous temperature monitoring through NTC and thermal protection during charging and discharging.
Extremely low power consumption and the current consumption of the whole device is less than 100uA.
This BMS uses a high anti-corrosion, high water resistance, and high impedance ESD conformal coating.


  1. State of charge calculations.
  2. Cell over-voltage and under-voltage protection.
  3. Intelligent battery balancing (passive).
  4. Fully sealed waterproof technology, with waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, anti-squeezing, and other protective functions.
Product Type  Battery Management System
Quality Checked
Brand Likraft
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 30A
Over Current Protection Current 100A
Charge Voltage 58.8V
Max. Charge Current 15A
Balance Current 30±5mA
Balance Detect Voltage 4.18V
Working Current 100µA
Overcharge Detect Voltage 4.25±0.05V
Overcharge Release Voltage 4.15±0.05V
Over-discharge detection Voltage 2.7±0.1
Over-Discharge Release Voltage 3.0±0.1
Cable Size 12 AWG
Size 80x61x11.4mm


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